Entrepreneurs or organizations in order to succeed in this competitive business environment needs to know which employees are good for their organization. Also, they need to know which employees are fit to become leaders and take the organization to success. In order to know which employees would be good for them, they need to evaluate their employees.

Previously, in order to evaluate the employees traditional tools were used. However, this tool was often misused to give biased reviews. So in order to avoid these problems, most organization started to use 360 degree evaluation tool. The tool is mainly used to provide a feedback about the performance and behavior of a target employee by other persons.  Based on the ratings, employees are evaluated by their employers.

What is 360-dgeree Tool?

Many businesses might be hearing about this tool for the first time. So it’s very important to have a clear understanding about the tool. Basically, 360 degree feedback tool is also considered as a multi-rater or an evaluation tool. The tool is used to provide an anonymous feedback. The feedback that is obtained from the 360 degree evaluation tool can help to identify strengths and weakness of the employee.

An All-Round Process

Every person apart from the ‘target employee’ can take part in the evaluation process. Usually, starting from supervisors to technicians, managers to HR, peers to colleagues, and even clients can take part in it. The evaluation can help both the employer as well as the employees to learn how they are doing in their job. An employee also gets to know how they are anticipated by others. At the same time, it also helps employers know how their business is doing.

360 degree evaluation

How The Complete Perspective Help Employees?

Tools like 360 degree evaluation can be very effective for employees. It can help them in their career growth. Once the employer understands that a particular employee needs some kind of training and arranges for it, the employee can make use of the opportunity to develop themselves. The development can be very helpful for employees in the professional front. For example, the development of the employee can be used to ring in organizational growth, individual improvement, and team development.

Increased Self Awareness

On important function of the evaluation process is that it can help in creating an improved self-awareness. Once an employee knows about their strengths or weakness they can take necessary steps to get over their weakness.

Weighting Strengths

One of the key benefits of 360 degree evaluation is that it can help in determining the key strengths. The strengths can be then used for helping the organization. The strengths can be used to create further development plans.

Skill Development

Proper evaluation of employees can help to understand which skills can help the employee to develop further. Based on the evaluation, further plan of skill development program can be taken. In order to create a good work environment and culture, a multi-rater and evaluation tool like 360 degree evaluation can be very helpful. Apart from helping in improving the communication level of the employee the evaluation can correctly assess the capability of the employee.