There are really three things that define what has happened within CASA to renew the vision and commitment of the organization to being the voice for education in Canada – Leadership, Character and Relationships.

John Maxwell in “Characteristics of a Good Leader” says that everything begins with leadership. A solid core of senior education leaders with a vision has enabled CASA to re-establish the organization in the forefront of Canadian Education.

Character is at the heart of leadership. It determines who you are and who you are determines what you do. Like attitude, character is a choice. The leadership of an organization cannot rise above the character of it’s leaders and this group of people has repeatedly demonstrated the type of character that we want to be associated with in education in this country.

The third key is relationships and in fact the three attributes are tied closely together. The character of the leadership is what allowed the relationships to build and once the relationships were solid enough the business issues began to be resolved rather easily because everyone across Canada was on the same side looking for solutions.

Look within these pages for exciting news about the way that CASA has been developing as the national voice for education and is increasingly taking a leadership role. Celebrate with us what is right about public education.