About us

CASA-ACAS: The Organization

CASA is the national voice for Canadian senior educational leaders. The organization is a federation of the professional associations representing the senior administrators in Canadian provinces and territories. Associate members include professors of educational administration, graduate students in educational administration, and individual administrators.

MISSION: CASA exists to promote and enhance effective administration and leadership in the provision of quality in education in Canada.


  • School system administration is a noble profession.
  • Effective leadership and administration of school systems are essential.
  • Individually and collectively, school system administrators provide leadership for quality in education.
  • Communication and cooperation with other stakeholder groups in education are vital.
  • Individually and collectively, school system administrators can assist one another.


  1. To provide a national voice on education matters.
  2. To promote and provide opportunity for professional development of the membership.
  3. To promote communication and liaison with national and international organizations having an interest in education.
  4. To provide a variety of services to the membership.
  5. To recognize outstanding contributions to education in Canada